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How much do the vending machines cost?

Vending machines are owned by Mico Vending, but are delivered, installed and maintained free of charge. They are replenished by a qualified Mico Vending personnel.


What is included in our ‘all inclusive’ service?

Mico Vending will supply and install the vending machine (vending machines are owned by Mico Vending), stock and replenish the vending machine, provide ongoing service and maintenance and provide you with an overview of the machine’s sales performance upon your request.


Who will I deal with?

A Mico Vending business development executive will help in choosing and setting up your machine. You can also talk to someone at the Mico customer care centre 24/7 about issues or queries.


How long would it take to receive a machine?

Our machines can be delivered and installed within 7-10 working days after the order is received.


Ongoing Support & Maintenance

How often do you service the machines?

usually 1-5 days


What if there is a fault with my vending machine?

The online monitoring of machines means we will know about most faults early on. But if you need to report a fault, each machine has a unique number. If the matter is urgent, simply give us a call or email and let us know your machine needs some attention.


How quickly can the machines be fixed?

Depending on the seriousness of the fault, a Mico technician will generally respond within 2 days of being notified of a hazard or major breakdown.

Our vending machine

Indoor Vending Machine


This is our most popular vending machine model. The FHZH01A

is for indoor use only, but does not need to be placed in an air-conditioned environment. The large glass front provides high product visibility for easier selection.




Capacity 380 beverages
Columns 8
Facings 40
Footprint 95cm wide x 73cm deep
Height 1910cm
Weight Empty 319kg