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Vending machines installed in the hospital intimate measures

Vending machine is developing rapidly, bring people very convenient consumption experience, and it less involved in many places, such as hospitals, the first to think of is Japan's hospital no alcohol taste, then there is the hospital each layer with automatic vending machine, the hospita [...]

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A vending machine that USES fingerprints

Hitachi's fingerprint vending machine, which recently appeared in Japan, doesn't need to flip COINS, doesn't need to use a credit card, and can be paid with a fingerprint (if your fingerprint wants to be tied to a credit card, of course). No doubt, this makes vending machines simpler and [...]

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The most expensive vending machine in history

A gold-plated vending machine appears at the emirates palace hotel in ABU dhabi, capital of the united Arab emirates, selling pure gold items, Reuters reported. There are 320 items for customers to choose from, from gold bars to custom gold COINS. Asked why the hotel was chosen to launch [...]

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Personal investment in vending machines

Usually people invest in vending machines in the idea that they can make money, buy them back and put them in the spot and wait for them to make a profit, which is the initial idea of most investors, and then they all shake their heads -- vending machines are not an easy industry. Before [...]

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A vending machine that sells e-books

Internet information age, remember when e-books, as a lot of bookworms said immediately, like the feeling of holding a book in his hand, it is the smell of books, this one is different people have different opinions, but it did give an inspired, in France recently there is a vending machi [...]

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Vending machines are the new darling of the unmanned retail industry

Intelligent vending machine is a new product of The Times in the unmanned retail industry. The use of intelligent vending machine is a new technology of payment and operation management of the Internet. Intelligent technology is embodied in vending machines, but it is embodied in operator [...]

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How to choose the brand of vending machine

Vending machine has occupied a large market in China, now in preparation for entry into the vending machine industry of the people said, can produce a doubt in the heart, so many brands, how to choose? Investors must be well aware of this, so let's take a look at the vending machine brand [...]

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