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The four intelligent core technology of the vending machine

Along with the development of the Internet era, many industries have realized the intellectualized, including vending machines, since the early development of the vending machine is defined as a convenient operation management and convenient tool, focused on providing change and distribut [...]

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The vending machine industry development potential is big

At present, the vending machine (mainly intelligent vending machine) ownership of less than 200000 units, compared with consumers in terms of total population of the world's first big country, the figure is negligible. At present domestic about 40-50 vending machine operators, about 10 na [...]

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What are some of the vending machine put the location?

Vending machines are generally put in what place? Like many friends know only put in the subway or at the station, so thought is a vending machine put place, can only put in the station or subway, actually not yes, as long as there is stream of people can be put. Below summarizes several [...]

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The gradual process of vending machine how to work?

Can say, the supply of the vending machine is more than the machine. Low calorie food, the merchants of geographical area, coffee or soft drinks are on the table. Vending machine by buying products from wholesalers to provide products of the company, to get profit, because the merchandise [...]

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How to start a profitable vending machine business

Vending machines are everywhere. You probably find yourself wandering to those snack machines in the break room to grab a Snickers bar. But if you take a deeper look, you'll be surprised to learn that the vending machine industry is big business. If you want to be your own boss and have b [...]

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Unmanned vending machines introduce solar energy

Low-carbon living mainly refers to lower greenhouse gases, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, low energy, low-cost Life style. As a member of the UAV industry, Fuhong UAV has always been adhering to the spirit of energy conservation and environmental protection, creating the future. Low-ca [...]

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A vending machine that recycles empty beverage bottles and spits out cash

We are no strangers to vending machines: when you put COINS in, the vending machines will "spit out" what you want to buy. A machine called the "dream machine" in the United States recently works the opposite way a vending machine does: you throw a can or other type of empty bottle in ret [...]

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The measurement of customer flow data at point of operation of vending machines

The most important thing to operate the vending machine is whether there is a passenger flow in the place where the vending machine is placed. The places with high mobility and large consumer groups will effectively bring profits to the vending machine. Different environmental types and p [...]

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