Vending machines installed in the hospital intimate measures

//Vending machines installed in the hospital intimate measures

Vending machines installed in the hospital intimate measures

Vending machine is developing rapidly, bring people very convenient consumption experience, and it less involved in many places, such as hospitals, the first to think of is Japan’s hospital no alcohol taste, then there is the hospital each layer with automatic vending machine, the hospital vending machines in addition to food, and in the hospital with a variety of everyday items for sale.

Vending machines are no longer new in China, but they have not spread to every level of society. For example, the installation of vending machines in hospitals is not harmful, but it has not been popularized for a long time. Usually, the hospital provides convenient facilities for patients and their families, such as boiling water, but they all need to be equipped with paper cups, and the sanitary quality cannot be guaranteed, especially in the hospital. In addition, the patient needs to drink a lot of water to make B in the hospital. However, a lot of water is drunk within a short period of time, and the water temperature is limited. However, the introduction of vending machines in hospitals to provide drinking water specifically for patients has several advantages:

1. 24-hour uninterrupted service, free choice of cold, hot, normal temperature and other beverages with different needs

2. Bottled drinks are safe, hygienic and portable

3. The price is close to parity, which is easy to be accepted by the public

4. Compared with the booth, the vending machine covers a small area and does not affect the movement of people

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