A vending machine that USES fingerprints

//A vending machine that USES fingerprints

A vending machine that USES fingerprints

Hitachi’s fingerprint vending machine, which recently appeared in Japan, doesn’t need to flip COINS, doesn’t need to use a credit card, and can be paid with a fingerprint (if your fingerprint wants to be tied to a credit card, of course). No doubt, this makes vending machines simpler and safer. !). .

The core technology comes from Hitachi’s unique biometric verification technology, where users can read their account information and deduct the amount of money by simply placing their hands on the platform. The only drawback is that you can only buy one item at a time. If you want to buy two cans of drinks, please scan the fingerprint twice.

More and more vending machine manufacturers have been developing technology to make vending machines more convenient and user-friendly, so whether this kind of fingerprint recognition vending machine is popular remains to be tested.

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