The most expensive vending machine in history

//The most expensive vending machine in history

The most expensive vending machine in history

A gold-plated vending machine appears at the emirates palace hotel in ABU dhabi, capital of the united Arab emirates, selling pure gold items, Reuters reported. There are 320 items for customers to choose from, from gold bars to custom gold COINS.

Asked why the hotel was chosen to launch the vending machine, Thomas geissler, chief executive of Germany’s Ex Oriente Lux, said: “it looks like it matches everything around it, like a piece of furniture in the hotel.”

All the pure gold items in the vending machines are made in Germany, Mr. Geissler said, and “there will soon be gold bars with the hotel’s logo on the shelves as souvenirs for customers.”

Unfortunately, the high-value vending machine currently only accepts the local currency, dierhan, but will soon have a credit card payment system.

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