Smart vending machines

//Smart vending machines

Smart vending machines

First, the vending machine ACTS like a weather forecast, giving customers different advice based on the weather. When it’s hot in the summer, the vending machine will advise customers on cool drinks, and if it’s a snowy winter, the vending machine will bring a hot drink to keep the cold out. The vending machine, of course, only advises the customer, and ultimately the customer chooses.

The smart vending machine also has liquid crystal panels on the surface to show customers the characteristics of the products they buy, including health advice, manufacturers, shelf life, suitable people and so on. The payment method of this kind of vending machine is also very advanced, it can be used to invest money, also can brush bank card or special store value card, still can use mobile phone bank to pay. Manufacturers will first put the machines on the streets, stations, airports and shopping malls of Tokyo, with an advance of 500 units.

In addition to this smart model, many manufacturers have tried to take a professional road to develop more intelligent and humanized vending machines. Imagine if each vending machine could only sell one product, would it attract fans of this product and promote the product well?

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