A vending machine that sells e-books

//A vending machine that sells e-books

A vending machine that sells e-books

Internet information age, remember when e-books, as a lot of bookworms said immediately, like the feeling of holding a book in his hand, it is the smell of books, this one is different people have different opinions, but it did give an inspired, in France recently there is a vending machine is famous for special selling e-books, is different from the general selling books, the vending machine is selling e-books, more like a short note, convenient public waiting at the airport, or high-speed stop waiting time, in this vending machine to buy books to play time.

In France, the vending machine is run by a company that specializes in short stories, hoping to boost interest in reading literature with short books

Electronic books in the form of the vending machine, will attract a batch of new readers, not only as information fragmentation network more and more big, want to calm down and reading literature work less.

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