The four intelligent core technology of the vending machine

//The four intelligent core technology of the vending machine

The four intelligent core technology of the vending machine

Along with the development of the Internet era, many industries have realized the intellectualized, including vending machines, since the early development of the vending machine is defined as a convenient operation management and convenient tool, focused on providing change and distribution of products and the behavior of the money. Demand so far not only that, but people of the vending machine intelligent update iteration is more comprehensive and upgrade, into touch Gao Qingbing, remote intelligent management, etc., below small make up for all sums up the four intelligent core technology of the vending machine.

A mobile payment and/or without cash
Nowadays people life style to follow the development of science and technology have become more convenient, shortcut, similarly consumption pattern, so it is with everyone from the beginning of cash to bank/credit card to now no cash/mobile payment, a vending machine is the standardization of configuration without cash payment options, more conducive to intelligent service and management.
Second, AI artificial intelligence management interact with smartphones
There has been a lot of intelligent automatic vending machine offers numerous options for cash, but some suppliers are further. Some intelligent automatic vending machine now can real-time interaction with smartphones. For example, a customer to a smart vending machines, this kind of mobile applications based on artificial intelligence which machine, make sure it is and then continue to extract just-in-time inventory, on smartphones display options to the customer, customer can choose on the phone.
Three, brush the face recognition
Brush now face recognition has been applied to a lot of intelligent automatic vending machine, the rich macro vending machine also increased the feature matching, customers can choose according to their own needs in the vending machine, and then match a consumer cameras can be recognized, this function can be normal operation. For example, now have a customer came to the vending machine in front of the shopping, the machine will according to the customer’s purchase history records provide personalized menu, and you can also set the program does not show limited product. Intelligent experience to customers, faster transaction.
Four, intelligent system management platform
Everyone knows the vending machine is a very important job is regular replenishment adjust goods, is a former need orientation inventory, but now you can use the intelligent systems management platform on a mobile phone can see the corresponding situation, popular products, the products out of stock is serious, can according to a mobile phone operators to adjust system data and replenishment, greatly reduced the inventory time, also greatly increase the sales of products sell like hot cakes, increased profits.

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