The vending machine industry development potential is big

//The vending machine industry development potential is big

The vending machine industry development potential is big

At present, the vending machine (mainly intelligent vending machine) ownership of less than 200000 units, compared with consumers in terms of total population of the world’s first big country, the figure is negligible.
At present domestic about 40-50 vending machine operators, about 10 national operators, including friends treasure, meter source, yinhai star rich macro, margin of science and technology Beijing and guangzhou, etc. Rich in guangzhou macro intelligent technology co., LTD., founded in 2002. National operations and research and development, manufacturing, selling, leasing, join in a body, is one of the nation’s largest vending machine operators.

From the per capita share of the vending machine has a huge market potential in China, although the industry is now developing more quickly, but based on the historical and realistic reasons, industry distribution and development level of existing differences apparent in each place, east China and south China is currently the vending service penetrate the market development is the most mature and most widely area, retail sales of about 2016 in 7.5 billion.
At present, many large and medium-sized cities in our country has become a vending machine in emerging markets, the future potential and direction of development will increasingly attention for the manufacturer. Despite a few years ago into the state did not achieve the desired results, but for cultivating the market plays a quite important role. Now no matter from the idea of people as well as the acceptance, or accumulation of market experience, should be the best time to enter the vending machine industry in China. Therefore, new vending machine operation and service pattern has come.           Through the building intelligent vending platform, the traditional vending machines can now support multiple payment transaction mode, such as cash, bank CARDS, the CARDS, gift CARDS, etc., and can realize large amount payment and transaction settlement, so that the consumer process more secure and convenient.
With the rise and popularity of mobile payment on mobile phones, as well as the vending machine industry’s own trial and error and innovation, finally found out the new development route. Most vending machines are now began to support pay treasure, pay WeChat, vending machine industry seems to be ushered in the spring.

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