What are some of the vending machine put the location?

//What are some of the vending machine put the location?

What are some of the vending machine put the location?

Vending machines are generally put in what place? Like many friends know only put in the subway or at the station, so thought is a vending machine put place, can only put in the station or subway, actually not yes, as long as there is stream of people can be put.
Below summarizes several often put:

The airport.
Airport, traffic is very big, demand much, but in is quite harsh conditions, such as can be stationed in the airport, is, of course, there is a major source of sales.

The school.
Select the layout of the junior middle school, high school, college, school correspondence students is more, the main consumption group is given priority to with students, sales is given priority to with drinks and snacks.

The scenic spot.
Abortion as the festival of the scenic spot or a plus or minus, in the scenic spot of the holiday, can be appropriately increased a few vending machine, mainly is given priority to with drinks.

Senior office buildings.
Senior office, visitors inside the building next to the import and export of best tend to be more purchasing power to work and rest time, give priority to with lunches and snacks drinks.

The mall.
Say foot traffic, the mall is also one of the main, but the vending machine is put beside the square, or flow larger path, give priority to with drinks.

Industrial zone.
In fact industrial zone is the area of foot traffic, but most of the consumption is low, the price people, give priority to with drinks and snacks.

The hospital.
Hospital actually is also a selling point, and most of the hospitals of the rice is delicious, such as sales in the hospital, can sell lunch box and drinks.

Leisure entertainment.
As salon, gymnasium, KTV, chess and card, etc., the traffic was not too much, but the number of traffic, large sales. The more senior entertainment, marketing requires the more high-end products, and for each different sales of different products

The subway.
We go to work every day the most is the subway, and man is in a hurry, so the more cutting the more popular time, simple operation. The vending machine convenient just cater to the modern consumption characteristics. Drink more suitable in the subway.

The station.
Either the railway station, bus station, high-speed, stream of people once the holidays will be very much, every day, of course, the person is also very big, so in the station sales is given priority to with instant noodles, snacks and drinks here.

In addition to the above area, as well as business super, cinemas, upscale community, expressway service area and so on, as long as someone’s place, and traffic is bigger, can be placed on a vending machine. As a result of the consumption demand, people’s consumption habits are becoming more and more convenient and simple. Focus do rich macro vending machine for 16 years, constantly improve the technology and increase investment in the market, at the same time, trying to get cheaper, simpler and more convenient vending machine for the general consumers.

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