Unmanned vending machines introduce solar energy

//Unmanned vending machines introduce solar energy

Unmanned vending machines introduce solar energy

Low-carbon living mainly refers to lower greenhouse gases, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, low energy, low-cost Life style. As a member of the UAV industry, Fuhong UAV has always been adhering to the spirit of energy conservation and environmental protection, creating the future.

Low-carbon lifestyle, more and more popular with fashionable people in the city, more and more actively advocated and practiced to a low level Carbon life starts with solar terms, electricity saving and lights out for an hour. In addition to planting trees, some people buy goods with short mileage.

People insist on climbing stairs. They are very interesting and interesting.


On July 8, the “New Energy, New City, New Life” Youth Carnival held by Shanghai Jiaotong University and other organizations .It was held in Jingan Park, Shanghai. At the low carbon carnival site, the students of Jiaotong University brought a sample vending machine. Its cabinet is about 1 meters.

How high is it, using a transparent glass door. About 1 square meters of solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy, directly to DC compression.

Power supply. The design of the faculty and students is to install a solar panel for the vending machine and use the electricity generated by the solar energy to drive it.

Refrigerating machine to achieve refrigeration effect. The vending machine not only gets rid of the dependence on conventional power supply, but also is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Move to become a “summer mobile”.

But at present, the vending machine can not be put into production, first of all, it is too expensive, and it has no refrigeration function.

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